Thursday, December 13, 2012

Agrotourism in Crete with Eleonas Cottages

Famous worldwide for its culture,  vibrant lifestyle, diverse landscape, gastronomy, hospitality and much more Greece has so much to offer to every traveler, but more importantly the island of Crete invites you to discover the areaʼs magic in Eleonas cottages. Grasp the chance you have to explore the islandʼs  gastronomical suggestions by choosing amongst a variety of delicious domestic restaurants that will make you love Mediterranean cuisine and picturesque taverns which  will give you a taste of  the rustic traditional cretan food style in the heart of Zaros. One thing is for sure: that in Zaros the sky is the limit when it comes to the chances you the activities offered to you! Starting with a visit to the lake, you can enjoy your coffee while gazing at its blue green waters, feed the ducks and walk around the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery and if you are an action lover, the Agiou Nikolaou canyon is the ideal choice for you. Savor the unforgettable flavor of fresh fish and homemade cheese while in your holidays in Zaros and explore the real meaning of agrotourism in Crete, ecotourism in Crete and in general rural tourism in Crete an experience that you will never forget. 

Rest assured that when visiting Zaros, you will be magnetized by its diverse beauty and amazed by the uncountable opportunities offered to you, to explore nature and not only see but more importantly feel its beauty! Eleonas cottages in Zaros, situated on a peaceful mountain slope, surrounded by olive oil trees create a magnificent landscape that no visitor could ever forget. In is not just the tranquility of the place since it is with no doubt the perfect getaway but this landscape is the ideal destination for nature lovers that would love to practice agrotourism in Crete and more specifically in one of the most amazing parts of the island, Zaros.  The areaʼs versatile broadness is definitely a unique lifetime experience for everyone since it covers every taste offering the visitor top accommodation facilities, a rich breakfast, uncountable chances to explore the areaʼs stunning landscape and even the chance to take cooking and cheese making lessons and have the chance to participate in the actual process of cheese making and find out so much more about this exciting process but more importantly about themselves! So if you feel like you wish to learn new exciting things, do as many activities as you possibly can  from animal feeding to mountain bike  or trekking  and looking for the place to make your dream come true then Eleonas cottages in Zaros is giving you the chance of your life!